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About KeyIn

From location-based technologies to digital wallets, the lines between physical and online retailing are merging every day. KeyIn is a platform designed specifically for Retail and Hospitality to bridge the digital divide between physical stores and e-commerce.

Using KeyIn, locations can quickly and securely set up a Digital KeyOsk on the platform which can be accessed by Customers via the KeyIn mobile app. No hardware required. No Check-ins required. Simply set your location, create a Welcome message and configure your own bespoke in-store services.

From ordering a drink, submitting feedback or simply asking you a question, in-store customers can communicate directly with you or your staff through the KeyIn Customer App.

KeyIn connects you and your customers like never before!

Digital KeyOsk

  • Instant access to Customers who have the KeyIn Mobile App.
  • Set up your Interactive and informational KeyOsk services - allow Customer access in-store, on-the-floor, or from anywhere.
  • Increase in-store footfall by sending limited time offers to target-specific, near-store, Customers! Offers can only be redeemed through the app in-store.
  • Monitor Customer footfall, identify and predict sales patterns.

KeyIn Customer App

  • No matter what city or country you're in, KeyIn provides you access to your nearest local KeyOsks.
  • Go in-store, KeyIn to access exclusive services and offers! KeyIn-store for details.
  • Receive personalised, exclusive, offers from nearby locations. Redeem in-store before they expire.
  • Use KeyOsk services to interact with the location.

Bring them in with a SHOUT

Type your message, pick your target demographic, set your SHOUT range and expiry time - and hit SHOUT. Any customers within that target segment, who come within that range of your location in the lifetime of the SHOUT will receive it as a notification on their phone.

Customers KeyIn to your KeyOsk

Forget Check-ins. Customers KeyIn for added value. Using KeyIn, Customers can access your interactive or informational services in-store and out. When sending a SHOUT Offer, KeyIn uses GPS coordinates with your Wi-Fi to ensure they can redeem in-store only.

Advanced Reporting via the Manager view

You can use your KeyOsk Analytics and Reports views to track SHOUT conversion rates, monitor hourly, daily, weekly or monthly KeyIn footfall - categorised against demographic - and most importantly, use this data to predict Sales Patterns and optimise your services.


Why KeyIn

KeyIn is a digital mobility solution for any retail or hospitality outlet. KeyIn allows anyone with a physical location register as a KeyOsk and quickly and easily set up in-store services that can be accessed only via the KeyIn Customer app.

  • KeyIn is a Sales Tool. Create value-add services that show your catalogues, menus, product availability. Use SHOUTs to send limited time offers that can only be redeemed in-store using a KeyIn code.
  • KeyIn is a Communication Tool. Target specific age and gender profiles with broadcast messages within a specific radius of your location.
  • KeyIn is an Engagement tool. KeyIn allows you configure interactive and informational services that form a new engagement channel with your customers. Using our simple-to-use screens, you can add any number of different types of services - INFO, CHAT, SHOUT or FEEDBACK - and configure them to suit you.
  • Send limited-time offers to nearby customer groups which can be redeemed via KeyIn in-store only.
  • Each offer can be linked to a specific redemption service that can be accessed in-store only. KeyIn can use a combination of the originating offer, the user's GPS coordinates and a Wi-Fi connection to verify access to this service. This means customers who receive your SHOUT must be in-store to access that service.
  • KeyIn provides advanced reporting views to allow you track the effectiveness of your SHOUTs and services. Services are not frozen in an App - using KeyIn, you can change your services on a daily basis, monitor usage and predict how customers are using your KeyOsk.
  • KeyIn is an immediate solution for a Mobile App for a large audience. A KeyOsk can be created, tried and tested in a day. As a KeyOsk Manager you can access your KeyOsk via a Web Console or via smart device, such as your phone or tablet. A KeyOsk can be set up in a matter of minutes and you become instantly accessible, based on your physical location, to anyone with the KeyIn Customer App.

KeyIn Customer App Screenshots

Take a sneak peek at KeyIn's mobile app features.

Download KeyIn Customer App

  • Want to get access to digital KeyOsks and personalised offers? Download and Sign Up for the KeyIn Customer App now.
  • Accessing KeyOsks: Be it IM'ing staff, ordering a product or simply viewing in-store maps, KeyIn lets you access any nearby KeyOsks anytime based on your location. Remember - the most valuable services can only be accessed in-store.
  • Receiving limited time, personalised, offers: Once you sign up for KeyIn, you will receive limited time offers, specifically for you, from any nearby KeyOsks - get in-store before they expire and redeem by keying into the KeyOsk.

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